Hyundai – P1401 OBDII code

P1401 DM-TL Pump Motor Current – Voltage too high – What the fuck does that mean?

The Accent has a “Diagnostic Module for Tank Leakage” near the driver side rear wheel. It looks like this:


The module itself is supposed to pressurize the system to detect leaks.

The Hyundai service bulletin recommends replacing the associated air filter and (maybe) the DM-TL unit for the above trouble code. Since I took the whole assembly down, I decided to move on to replacing both units. The DM-TL will run you about $220 and the air filter $13 at the dealership. (I had no luck finding the parts online)

The assembly is held onto the car by 3 nuts. The DM-TL is a fiesta of silicone hoses that are prone to break.  Soapy water will help separate these hoses.

Disconnecting the unit is rather obvious so I won’t go into detail. As always, re-installing is the reverse process.

The 2003 Accent part numbers are:

  • 31453-25510 – filter
  • 31440-25510 – DM-TL

Here are some self explanatory images depicting the work:

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