Hyundai – P1401 OBDII code

P1401 DM-TL Pump Motor Current – Voltage too high – What the fuck does that mean?

The Accent has a “Diagnostic Module for Tank Leakage” near the driver side rear wheel. It looks like this:


The module itself is supposed to pressurize the system to detect leaks.

The Hyundai service bulletin recommends replacing the associated air filter and (maybe) the DM-TL unit for the above trouble code. Since I took the whole assembly down, I decided to move on to replacing both units. The DM-TL will run you about $220 and the air filter $13 at the dealership. (I had no luck finding the parts online)

The assembly is held onto the car by 3 nuts. The DM-TL is a fiesta of silicone hoses that are prone to break.  Soapy water will help separate these hoses.

Disconnecting the unit is rather obvious so I won’t go into detail. As always, re-installing is the reverse process.

The 2003 Accent part numbers are:

  • 31453-25510 – filter
  • 31440-25510 – DM-TL

Here are some self explanatory images depicting the work:

6 thoughts on “Hyundai – P1401 OBDII code”

  1. Thanks for the info! I am currently trying to track down the notorious P1401 error code after having fill up issues with my raggedy old Hyundai and a check engine light pop on. Of course, plates are due at the end of the month and in the good ol’ socialist state of Illinois, it’s time to get my car emissions inspected…Doubt if it will pass in its current condition…. oy vey. Thanks again. =) Tom

  2. Hello I have a 2002 hyundai accent american DMTL the problem of faulty and live in Dominican Republic and do not know where they can get help DTML

  3. hello as I can get this part for my car in Dominican Republic live and not where to buy

  4. What’s all the little pellets coming out of the canister through one of the hoses?

  5. If your having issues with the p1401code, check the canister at the rear of your vehicle the charcoal pellets might be leaking into the valve which are not allowing the valve to close.

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