2016-10-20 Yokosuka

I somehow managed to feel confident and terrified at the same time. On one hand, I’ve done this several times before. The frustrations, mistakes, and issues would be nothing new. On the other, the flight was starting to take a toll on the body, and I wanted to get some sleep.

We fumbled our way through customs and headed to the train station. This is where my brain stalled. Of all things, I couldn’t figure out which train to board for my ticket. I missed all context cues, and we jumped into car 10; the red one going to Tokyo.

Leading up to the trip, my algorithm was to head to Tokyo via Narita Express and take the Keikyu Line south. My sister suggested we take the JR line to Shinagawa and transfer. Narita Express also goes to Shinagawa, what’s the difference?

Non-reserved seat passengers have to yield their seats to reserved seat passengers. Everywhere we sat, we were in the wrong seat. Later, a gentleman from California pointed out we were in the wrong train, car, and seats (again!). The inner Chilean kicked in. I figured i’d stay on this train, get off at the next stop (Tokyo), and nobody would know. That’s when ticket police showed up. After fumbling some words, we paid the difference to stay on this train to Shinagawa. We had to move to the poor people section up front, however.

The KeiKyu Line is very much like any other train or metro in the world. Simple map with left to right directions and highlighted stations to transfer to other lines. We got off at Maborikaigan and walked. The natural instinct is to start crossing when the cross-traffic light is red. Since they drive on the left, you’re going to get hit. I need to stop that habit….

By the time we got home, the phone was under 10% battery. We found my sister’s hidden floor spaghetti closet and drank some terrible tasting tea from a vending machine.

img_3972 karinakitchen_sized

2016-10-18 Waimanalo & Sandy Beach

I headed eastbound to check out the beaches and get some lunch. I ended up at Waimanalo beach for a few hours and ate at Ono Steak and Shrimp Shack. The food was delicious, and they had the industrial sized Sriracha bottles. Great success.

Traffic through the H3 was really bad afterwards. I opted to take the scenic drive instead and stopped at Sandy beach. I get the impression that the east side has significantly less tourists.

sandybeach_sized waimanalobeach_sized

2016-10-17 Kaena Point Trail

I had to cancel my original hike due to strong rain. Instead, I kept driving to the northwest point of the island. The area itself has a bird sanctuary with seals. I hardly saw either.

The more interesting part of the trail is being able to see the north and west coasts at the same time. The surf and vegetation are drastically different and make for good contrast.

As I walked back, I reasoned the bird sanctuary is really a mountain full of bird crap. The thought process continued:

“Bugs eat poop.
Animals eat bugs.
I eat animals.
So I eat poop.”

img_3930 img_3945 img_3949 img_3962 img_3963

2016-10-15 Koko Crater Trail

I wasn’t sure how early was too early. By seven in the morning, the parking lot was almost full. I quickly geared up and started the steep hike.

The steps themselves are the remains of railroad ties from the WWII era Air Force tram. Erosion has certainly taken a toll here. I try to always wear boots for hikes like these, but I saw plenty of people wearing running shoes.

I saw a woman carrying two babies on her way down, and I spoke with a gentleman that was doing this after successful heart surgery. The hike itself isn’t hard, it’s just very steep steps in the open air. My largest concern was losing my footing between the ties.

When I reached the top, it started to rain quite a bit. I hid in a pill box until it died down. There were geckos making a weird noises inside. I was as confused as they were. Later, I noticed a large quantity of birds flying in the distance. These things looked gigantic; clearly pterodactyls.

The hike down was much harder due to slippery conditions and slope. How do you do this carrying two babies?

After a rest, I went to see the Rebels beat the Rainbow Warriors at Aloha Stadium.

img_3843 img_3849 img_3873 img_3878 img_3879 img_3881 img_3883 img_3890 img_3895 img_3896 img_3903 img_3920 img_3924

2016-10-14 Aiea Loop Trail

The red-eye was exhausting, but I looked for things to do after a quick nap. I rushed to Subway, pronounced Sub’Wai’i, and headed to the Aiea Loop Trail. There was no point wasting sunlight, and the cloud coverage was all over the place.  The gamble was worth it.

I don’t know if wild boars are common in the island, but something trailed me the entire time. I never saw what it was and therefore can only logically conclude it was Bigfoot.


img_3724 img_3726 img_3732 img_3744 img_3745 img_3751 img_3782 img_3790 img_3792 img_3821 img_3827 img_3834 img_3839